Yesterday I received an email letting me know that my Microsoft MVP Status had been renewed for the 5th year. I have said it before and will say it again, this is the best professional recognition I have received in my career. Getting to hang out with the CRM Product Team with regular meetings where they disclose and ask for feedback on future releases of the product is an extremely valuable opportunity. Making connections and getting to know the 60 or so other Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs and soaking up their insight and knowledge is equally priceless. Plus they love to party!

What does it take to become a MVP. Give back to the community. One of my areas of activity is the CRM Support Forums answering questions and also as a Forum Moderator.

Microsoft Dynamics Support Forums

Microsoft Dynamics Support Forums

Okay, I will admit the title to this post is a little self-serving, maybe even 100% self-serving. But there are a lot of really good sessions planned for the upcoming CRMUG Summit in St. Louis from October 14-17.

I am listing below the sessions I am giving or involved in as a panel member. I have also listed the Academy session I am teaching on Monday the 12th.

See you in St. Louis!

Academy Session Pre-Conference Training Session

Architecting your CRM System Security Workshop

Class Summary: It is not all about CRUD! Learn about all the tools available to you to design and implement your CRM Security Architecture. If you think defining Create, Read, Update, Delete privileges sums it up then you will be enlightened by attending this training.

Class Detailed Description: This will be part instructional part small group workshop. You will be exposed to a new approach to use Personas to help define your system and organize your security roles. Your takeaway will be a fresh perspective on security architecture, action items to inspect and audit in your system and possibly a new initiative to redesign your CRM security environment.
The instructional and small group working session of the workshop will cover:
• Security Architecture Tool Kit
• How to Avoid Human Induced Catastrophe
• Security Best Practices, Better Practices
• Using User Personas to Architect your Security System
• Using a custom CRM Managed Solution to document and manage your CRM Security Roles
• Small team workshop that lets you apply the principals learned in the instructional part to solve your architecture challenges
Learning Objectives: Learn the tools that are available to you to plan, design, implement, and support a best practices designed CRM System Architecture

CRMUG Sessions

Technical Tips from the Tipsters
This blended session with an ask the experts panel yet providing presentation style tips and tricks is geared for those in a technical capacity working within your Dynamics CRM environment. The best of the CRM Tip of the Day blog will be shared and hopefully coveted by all. Join the tipsters and don’t miss out.
Techie Talk: Upgrading Complex Systems
Join this panel-led discussion with industry experts talking about the issues and best practices for upgrading complex CRM environments. This is even more important now that CRM Online is being updated twice annually.
How to Avoid Human Induced Catastrophe in CRM
You have implemented your CRM System and you think things are just humming along just fine. But they probably aren’t. Learn the questions you need to ask yourself and your team members to test or confirm that you won’t start crying one day at the office (or lose your job) due to an operational oversight. We will examine security, CRM configurations and IT infrastructure points of failure.
Creating Tasked Based Mobile Applications in Your CRM Deployment
General purpose, full function mobile applications for Dynamics CRM are great for providing the breadth of system use functionality many users require. However, there are many situations where full fidelity isn’t required and even inhibit user adoption. In this ask the experts discussion we will discuss the pros/cons of task based mobile applications in a group discussion.

Chrome and Firefox are deprecating modal dialogs which presents an issue for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users. This started appearing with Chrome 37. It was deprecated in 35 and then in 37 it was turned off by default. There isn’t a permanent fix at this time, only a temp work around that will work until the middle of 2015.

The CRM team is working on a solution but it will require all the model dialogs to be fixed in new releases and also create patches for previous versions of CRM.

Of course the easy alternative is to upgrade to IE 11.

The error looks like this:

There was an error with this field’s customized event.

To fix this you will need to modify the Google Chrome Policies, specifically EnableDeprecatedWebPlatformFeatures

Although not specific to CRM as it applies to all modal dialogs, you can use this KB article to fix your copy of Chrome:

CRM Online Non-Interactive User

September 25th, 2014

The Non-interactive user is an access mode that is assigned to a CRM User that isn’t a ‘human being’. What I mean by that is it is used for programmatic access to/from CRM between applications. It isn’t legal to use the role to access CRM programmatically by real people. This is particularly valuable when using ISV applications to connect to CRM like event management or email marketing solutions or other back end database systems like accounting systems.

The nice thing about the non-interactive user is it does not consume a CRM license, although you will need an available professional license initially to setup the user.

For CRM Online when you are on Office 365 it is a little tricky to setup. But if you follow the instructions below you will end up where you need to be. One lesson I learned when going through the process is that if you move too quickly through the setting changes, Office 365 can’t seem to keep up with their sync and the user role will be set to Administrative. Your experience will vary but to be safe I waited one day between steps 3 and 4 and 4 and 5.

1. Add a new user to O365 (I like to call it Integration) and assign it a CRM Online Professional License.

2. Go to CRM and assign this new user the appropriate security role – in my case it was System Administrator.

3. In CRM make the user’s Access Mode Non-interactive.

4. In O365 remove the license from the user.

5. Go back to CRM and confirm that the user is still set for Non-interactive.

PS Don’t assign this user a role in O365.


To test, try logging in to CRM via the browser. If you get a screen message as below, then you are good, if you get something else then something isn’t right. BTW, the You don’t have … is a little misleading, you have all the necessary privileges, just via the SDK.

Non-Interactive CRM User

Non-Interactive CRM User


CRMUG Summit 2014

September 9th, 2014

Not sure why to attend the CRMUG Summit in St. Louis in October. Or if you are signed up to attend but haven’t figured out your schedule yet?

Attend one of the sessions I will be presenting or involved with:

CRMUG Academy Training Session – Monday October 13th

CRMUG Summit Sessions Wednesday 15th through Friday 17th

General Overview of the key insights into CRMUG Summit 2014:

  • 180 Educational session topics (30%+ more than last year)
  • 117 speakers from the customer, partner, and Microsoft community
    • Includes 22 Dynamics CRM MVPs, 21 Microsoft employees from Product Management, R&D, and engineering support
    • Includes 74 other subject matter experts from the customer and partner community
    • 40+ “Ask the Experts” (Panel of Experts) and “How2” (Demo oriented) sessions at Summit.
    • New content tracks for 2014:
      • Parature Showcase Track (10 dedicated sessions around Parature)
      • End-User “How2” Track (25 dedicated session to point & click – showing how to use Dynamics CRM)
      • CRM Admin/Newbie Track (12 dedicated sessions for the “new” CRM Administrator)
      • Is there a Doctor in the House? CRMUG Medic Booth – When your CRM deployment needs a remedy ask a CRM M.D. your questions in between session breaks.

40 various Dynamics CRM ISVs and VARs are sponsoring this year’s CRMUG Summit 2014!


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is a great new addition to the Dynamics CRM Marketing platform. You can learn more about it and even sign up for a trial using one of the following resource links:

Overwhelmed with all the great new product additions to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 environment? Don’t despair, here are some handy links for Social Listening.