Web2CRM Internet Lead Capture

Build a website form in less than 10 minutes! Stop Cutting and Pasting from Emails into CRM - No Programming Required!

Web2CRM Web2CRM™ allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011 customers to integrate Internet Lead Capture form submission from your website into data records in your CRM system.

Web2CRM is offered as a Software+Services solution where CRM Innovation hosts all the technology necessary to create, present, and process the form data.

Absolutely no code is required on your CRM server.

This solution works with all implementation scenarios of CRM 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011 - On line, On premise, and partner hosted. We support the US, European and APAC CRM Online environments.

Annual subscriptions start at $695 per CRM organization which allows you to publish forms for any CRM entity and there is no charge per form submission. Hosting for the form is included. Form submission rate activity in excess of 25 forms per day on an continuing basis it will put you in the high use category and move you into the $1,295/year subscription rate. There is a extra high usage rate for clients using more than 100 form submissions per day - $3,295. Companies submitting more than 300 forms per day require a custom quote. These higher rates are due immediately for the current year once the submissions hit this pace. This is so that we can provide good performance for all bandwidth/application usage clients.

New Add-on Solutions - we are now offering two add-on solutions to the base subscription. Each feature can be added to the base subscription for $495 annually respectively.

  • Contacts can update their profiles with one click! Video/Manual
  • Add a file attachment to the form submission. Video/Manual

1. How much does it cost? Web2CRM is a hosted service so there is no software to buy.
The annual service subscription is $695 & high use rate is $1,295/year, extra high use rate is $3,295/year
2. What does it include?
Unlimited access to the form designer, the ability to have a publish forms for one or more CRM entities. No charges per form submission. It is a flat fee.
3. How easy is it?
We like to say it is so easy " even a marketing person can do it". Putting aside the joking, the product is designed for use by non-programmers.
4. What CRM systems does it work with?
It works with CRM 2015, 2013, 2011 On line, on premise and partner hosted. It does not support 4.0 or 3.0.
5. What do I need to do on the CRM server to make it work?
Absolutely no code needs to be installed on the CRM server. However, the CRM website must be available outside your corporate firewall for the application to be able to connect and send submitted form data to it. Either via ADFS/IFD or through a firewall re-direct.

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Email Blacklister - free add-on to Web2CRM

The Email Blacklister will allow you to exclude free email domain addresses and competitor addresses from your form submission. This feature works with both the carry code and the hosted form version of the solution. You can use the included free account listing that we provide and then add any additional domains that are specific to your requirements - certain competitor or other domain email accounts that you want to block. Your list is not shared with any other Web2CRM users nor is it disclosed to your website visitors. This feature can be enabled for selected forms that you are using. For forms that you want to accept public email address, just don't enable it for that form.

File Upload - $495/annual add-on to Web2CRM

The File Upload (Upload) add-on to the Web2CRM forms builder will allows your CRM Contacts to attach a single file to their form submission. Upload can be used with any form for any CRM entity that has the Notes feature. Upload doesn’t require any code to be installed on the CRM server or customizations to be made to the CRM system. Integration with the company website is straightforward and the application provides standard Form HTML to insert on a company webpage for the form and the upload.  Just like the base Web2CRM product, Upload does not require any ‘special’ code on the web server and works with IIS, Apache or Linux Servers.

Profile Manager - $495/annual add-on to Web2CRM

The Profile Manager add-on to the Web2CRM forms builder will allow your CRM contacts to self manage their profiles in CRM. PM can be used with the following CRM entities that supports E-mail Templates: Leads, Contacts, or Accounts. PM doesn’t require any code to be installed on the CRM server or customizations to be installed. Integration with the company website is straightforward and the application provides standard form HTML to insert on a company webpage for the purposes of user validation.

Pricing and Free Trial Signup

You are only a step away, register and start creating your own web forms for your CRM system today.

Start your 7 day free trial today!

When you sign up at Web2CRM the CRM user enters the Preview Mode, after experiencing the designer and viewing finished forms you can then elect to enter the Trial Mode for which there is no charge and lasts for up to 7 days. After that the Account must be converted to a one year subscription or it will expire.

Subscriptions are CRM organization specific so it is not possible that a single Web2CRM Account can support one or more CRM organizations that you are creating forms for that have different program statuses.

Trial Mode - Free for 7 Days

  • Functionality
    • Unrestricted use of the system as if you had a paid subscription
    • Purchase 1 year subscription at anytime during the trial, all forms created during the trial are valid in the paid subscription.
  • Restrictions/Considerations
    • No Restrictions
    • Usage expires in 7 days after the trial begins
    • Email reminders will be sent
    • Account screens will provide reminders

Buy Mode - Paid $695/year - standard usage level, $1,295 high usage level, extra high use rate is $3,295/year.

  • Functionality
    • One year full use, renewable for subsequent one year terms
  • Restrictions/Considerations
    • None – all use covered in the License Agreement