What People Are Saying

“I just want to compliment Jerry and his company for doing an outstanding job during our transition from CRM2013 to CRM2016. We had a lot of customizations and data so we were worried that this upgrade will cause disruption. However, CRM Innovation had a detailed plan and they were able to guide us through with no interruptions to our business. Jerry was always available to answer questions and troubleshoot problems and he put in the extra effort to make sure our project was on schedule.

Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend CRM Innovation and will certainly use their services again!”

I would highly recommend CRM Innovation.

I have worked with Microsoft CRM for over 10 years, since the days of V 1.2. I also worked for a Microsoft CRM partner for 4 years. Since then, I left the CRM services sector. In my new role, we used CRM 2011 and it worked great.

But eventually I got fairly out of touch with CRM and Microsoft introduced new versions that were worthy of evaluation.

I needed to find a new CRM partner to work with. I had previously purchased one of CRM Innovations add on products, Autonumber. It works great and I had the chance to briefly work with CRM Innovation and it went well.

So, when it came time to find a new CRM partner, I reached out to Jerry. He and his team did a great job upgrading us from CRM 2011 straight through to CRM 2016. They were meticulous, careful, and thorough with our upgrade. It is no small thing, doing an upgrade like this. It is something my company heavily relies upon across many departments. The upgrade went extremely smoothly.

Since the upgrade, Jerry has helped us with a number of other projects, from custom reports to custom code.

Jerry’s company, CRM Innovation, LLC, helped with a needs assessment and implementation plan to improve our previously started Microsoft Dynamics CRM setup. Jerry’s team did a fantastic job of looking over what had already been done, listening to what we were trying to achieve, and offering solutions and when needed, cost to value information. This gave us the opportunity to decide in a few cases that some functionality we wanted would cost more than it was worth and redirect our processes. In the end we got a more user friendly, straight forward CRM system than we would have ever gotten on our own. I would recommend Jerry and his team to others.