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Advanced Internet Lead Capture – Web form to CRM

Do you need to capture web form data from your website and have it submitted into your Office 365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 installation?

Use our Web2CRM solution. Start your free 7 day, full function trial today.

Watch a video of a webform being built in less than 8 minutes.

Build a website form in less than 10 minutes! Stop Cutting and Pasting from Emails into CRM – No Programming Required!

  1. It works with all deployments of CRM – Online (crm, crm4, & crm5 data centers), Office 365, On Premise IFD, and On Premise through the firewall
  2. Our product has a visually intuitive designer, use our drag and drop CRM form look alike designer – you don’t need to remember those pesky schema names like address1_city
  3. Our product works with any custom, system or customizable entity.
  4. Our product pushes data directly in the CRM system instantly and workflow can react to it immediately.
  5. Our product has form level validation against the metadata of the attribute so that you do not push illegal data into CRM.
  6. We have a painless CAPTCHA solution and form field validation.
  7. Our product will work with all search engine keyword programs.
  8. Edit field names – the designer defaults to the CRM form names but you can edit any field name
  9. Use static or dynamic hidden values to pre-fill in the form without the website visitor seeing those fields.
  10. Select one of the two built-in thank you pages or select your own custom page.
  11. Re-arrange the fields inside of your website page editor to match the overall look and feel of your website.
  12. Stylize the form with one of the three built-in style sheets or reference your own custom style sheet
  13. Publish the form in one of three ways:
    • Hyperlink to the form from a link on your website
    • Create and iframe page on your site and reference it
    • Use our carry code and insert the complete form HTML onto you website page. Totally server independent. No additional coding required.
  14. Our product has two great add-on solutions – Profile Management and Document Upload



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