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Aligning Reports to the Audience – CRM Field Guide Chapter 13

It is week 13 in the review of the CRM Field Guide chapters from the book – The CRM Field Guide – How to CRM Like an MVP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This week it is the 22 page Aligning Reports to the Audience chapter.

A report means different things to different people in an organization. Understanding what the recipient needs and the options within the CRM system for delivering the report to that person is in part a key to one half of a successful CRM implementation.

In this chapter you will learn the 7 high level components to properly understanding, designing and implement a report when someone says ‘I need a Report’.

As part of the process the author walks you through the 7 steps and their sub questions. The author illustrates how the different reporting areas and delivery mechanisms in the CRM system can fit into the puzzle to delivery just the report that the user requires.

For example one of the 7 high level components is Timeliness. There are four possibilities here with an excerpt from the chapter as follows:

CRM Report Consumption
CRM Report Consumption
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