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AutoNumber for Dynamics CRM 2011

Our latest version of the Dynamics CRM AutoNumber solution we introduced almost 4 years ago has enhanced prefix/suffix capabilities.

In the example shown below you can see that we have set the prefix so that is uses the current System Date in the yy/mm format. with a / as the Date Separator. The delimiter between the date field and the sequential number can also be selected from a option set. In this case we used a -. That will insert sequential numbers with a changing year/month into any System, Custom or Customizable entity. In the example shown we are insert the AN into the Opp ID# field on the Opportunity form.

The AN configurator also allows you to create a prefix or suffix using a look-up value.

The AutoNumber solution works with CRM Online (all data centers), CRM On Premise 2011 or 4, IFD mode or not, and CRM Partner Hosted.

Free, full functional trials can be started by completing the trial license key form at:



AutoNumber Date Options


Auto Number for Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM 4 can solve your company’s record number requirements.

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