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Building Mobile Applications

Do you have an interest in building a mobile CRM application but want to leverage existing core competencies and not have to build up a iOS, Android or Win 8 environment?
There are several tools on the marketplace that will allow you to use html/Javascript or C# to build your application. It will then convert it to one or more of three popular platforms – iOS, Android, or Windows 8.

Understand that although these apps are very powerful it isn’t quite the same as building it natively.

Here are a few to take a look at:

Xamarin  – this application leverages C# and while not free except for the starter version, it is reasonably priced.

PhoneGap  – original an independent open source solution it was purchased by Adobe a short while ago. It is still open source and free.This tool leverages HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Project Siena  – this is currently in beta but it is Microsoft’s excellent foray into this area. While it doesn’t have a built in connection to CRM as of this post date, it is possible to get it connected to CRM. Currently it only produces Win 8 applications.

After looking into these applications if you still need some help our firm build’s task specific mobile applications.

For example here is a video on a field service management application we did for a client recently.

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