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Change Microsoft Account Fails after Polaris Update

Recently while supporting a client’s CRM Online environment we discovered that since the December 2012 Service Update (Polaris) it is not possible to change a users Microsoft Account. We needed to update a users’ Live ID they were using to login to CRM with a new login ID.

Every time we invoked the Change Microsoft account command from the ribbon bar, the dialog window would open up, we would enter the new ID but the User record Live ID field wouldn’t get updated.

Change Microsoft Live ID

After testing the same process on another CRM Online organization we concluded that this feature was probably broken by the December 2012 Service Update.

Some following some head scratching we decided to go wild and crazy and see if we would allows us to update the ID by doing an import.

The steps we followed were:

Navigate to the Administration, User grid view.
Create and Advanced Find view and set the filter to only select the user that you want to update.
advanced find
 Then edit the column view to include the Windows Live ID field.
adv find view
 Then select Export to Excel, Static Worksheet with the re-importing check box selected.
 Open up the file that was Exported into Excel. Then update the Windows Live ID email address to the new one. 
Run the data import feature to import the revised record to update the user’s Windows Live ID. Open up the user’s record and you will see that the Windows Live ID address has been changed.
user record
 The absolute proof will be that the user will end up receiving an invitation email with all their updated information. Ta Da!
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