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CRM 2011 and Surface – It Works!

Just powered up my 64GB Surface with the touch keyboard, navigated to a CRM 2011 Demobuilder instance we spun up earlier in the week and its humming quite nicely.

 I sure like being able to see the full application vs having to use the Express mode on the iPad!




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  1. Hi Jerry, have you attempted to install the Outlook client yet on the Surface RT? I’m guessing that will only work on the Pro version when it arrives.

    1. Rob,

      What we need to keep in mind and I have to keep reminding myself is that the RT can only install software from the Windows Store. It is a big ‘phone’ device and not a pc. So you can’t even put Outlook on it.
      Right now the only experience is via the browswer. Although Resco Mobile has their CRM App running on it.


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