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CRM 2011 and Window 8 Consumer Preview – A Very Early Look

Okay, I couldn’t resist checking out one of our CRM 2011 Online instances in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I am really pleased how well it works with IE 10 in that environment considering there hasn’t even been a whisper of talk about getting it ready for Win8. Although we can only suspect that the CRM Team has been hard at work on it as soon as they got their hands on an internal copy for testing.

While rummaging through the connection this morning I observed some cosmetic changes and a few bugs. Well not really even bugs since Win8 is just previewing in Beta now and no one is proposing that running CRM in it now is something you should event think about.

In any event I am collecting for fun a few screen shots of what I have discovered up to this point.

FYI – The fooling around I did (I wouldn’t call it testing) was done on a regular desktop machine after installing the default Consumer Preview without applying any edits to the system configuration – definitely a 100% out of the box environment applied to one of our 30 day trials of CRM 2011 Online.

 There is now an ‘X’ to clear out the contents of a text box
 Radio buttons have a slightly larger look and are more pronounced in IE10
 Looks like the scroll arrows are missing?
 Trying to run reports generates and error and no report. 🙁
 If you generate an error and then try to send it (or infact do anything – don’t send or click on X) it puts you in a continous loop that you can only exit via Task Manager (yes that still existst in Win8)
 Loading customizations presents an error
 After clearing the error nothing shows up in any of the customizations Window
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