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CRM Innovation Takes Advantage of User Reviews to Build Authenticity on the Web, Drive Add-on Sales

We are pleased to share with you the Microsoft Case Study regarding our success with using Microsoft Pinpoint to tout our client feedback for both our products and consulting services.

ISV Takes Advantage of User Reviews to Build Authenticity on the Web, Drive Add-on Sales

CRM Innovation, an independent software vendor and Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultancy, takes full advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace to market its services and solutions, such as Web2CRM, an Internet lead-capturing tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

While the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace provides a venue to showcase its services and solutions online, CRM Innovation has found the marketplace’s benefits to extend well beyond just that. Jerry Weinstock, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and Business Development Manager for CRM Innovation, explains, “Oftentimes, when we’re in a preliminary sales call with a customer, that customer asks ‘Do you have any references?’ Now, we can point them right to our Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace listing where they can see what the community has to say about us. And 9.5 times out of 10, that meets their requirements.”

In addition to providing a reliable way to establish CRM Innovation’s credibility, Weinstock notes that, “Using the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace as a means to provide customer references is quick and easy for both us and our prospective customers. And, in terms of providing our solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, it requires no out-of-pocket cost, just the time it takes to make and maintain our listings.”

As Weinstock points out, that investment in time has certainly been worth it. “In addition to being a great reference for us, the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is a significant part of our overall marketing strategy and a major source of our lead generation,” he says.

Weinstock also goes on to note that, “It’s not just the services that we offer on the marketplace that customers are coming to us for. In fact, after they find us on the marketplace, we are getting many deals for our additional consulting services as well. It has really helped to build our visibility online.”

Weinstock also believes that the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is the future of how customers will be finding and purchasing solutions. And for partners, in particular, he feels that the marketplace is key in going up against competitors like “Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, we can now compete even more favorably against and its marketplace, AppExchange,” says Weinstock.


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