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CRM MVP – It is a tough job – not!

This week Microsoft MVPs from around the world gathered in Redmond for the annual MVP Summit. MVPs meet with their product teams to learn, share, sometimes debate business and techical issues and decisions, build relationships and have fun. This year 41 of the 55 Dynamics CRM MVPs from around the world attended the 3 day event. The CRM MVP group had the highest percentage attendance of any discipline. So if you found that MVPs were contributing to fewer forum answers this week you now know why!

This year’s celebration was held at the Seattle Seahawks Century Link Stadium. You will see from these pictures that MVP’s like to have fun. I personally had a great week and I am in awe of the technical knowledge that my peers have, their willingness to share and their contributions to the CRM community.

Unfortunately we are all under extremely tight NDA so there is no content we can blog about, but I can share with you what happens when MVPs chill out.

Century Link Stadium – it is very impressive
 Larry and the Cheerleaders
 Matt and the Cheerleaders
 MVP Paparazzi
 Larry, Shan devouring cotton candy, Jamie, Leon
 Andrii and Dave with a few new friends
 Roohi “Sam”
 Guy and Matt with Tanguy in the foreground
 Wim, Ronald, Richard
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