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CRM 2011 Online Test Site Setup

As a CRM partner that creates solutions to enhance the functionality of CRM we regularly have the need to spin up a clean CRM Online instance for our own internal product testing or for client testing purposes. In almost every one of these situations we just need to run the 30 day trial and then let it expire. Typically we would often get emailed or called by the Microsoft CRM Online Sales Team about how the trial is going and are we ready to convert to a paid account. That turned out to be wasteful of their time and it didn’t seem fair to keep answering the phone and saying – hey we are just testing and won’t be converting that instance to paid.

So it took us a few times before we cracked the code on how to eliminate these calls. The solution is to un-check the Phone and E-mail boxes at the bottom of the Complete Sign-up form. When you submit it with boxes un-checked you won’t receive any sales emails or phone calls. You will just receive administrative notifications.

CRM 2011 Online

Happy testing!

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