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CRM Option Set Utility & Community Site

Do you need to create a global or single option set but do not want to type all the items in manually? Would you like to be able to use a pre-existing source from the Internet or from a down-loadable library rather than create it yourself? If so you are in luck!

I am pleased to be able to announce the CRM Option Set Utility & Community Site which is co-sponsored by MVPs Tanguy Touzard and Jerry Weinstock. We have collaborated to create a site where you can download the utility (written by Tanguy, idea by Jerry) and then download pre-built option set source files from the community portion of the Site. I will be managing the overall site, the forums, & the community library where you can also contribute your own option sets to share with the greater CRM user base.

The site includes a forum for product support and discussions of all aspects of the use of option sets in Dynamics CRM 2011.

The utility will allow you to:

  1. Create Global Option or Standard Option Sets.
  2. Associate the Option Set with one or more entities in CRM.
  3. Set the default value and the starting value.
  4. Set other parameters like field level security.

The utility and the community option set library are 100% free.

Download the utility today!

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