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CRM QuickPic – Phone App to capture pictures to CRM

Do you need to add photos from your phone to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM records? Do you want to take pictures of your contacts and update there contact record entity image? Do you need to add photos to a Case you are documenting like a building inspection, auto damage, site inspection?

The best solution is to use our CRM QuickPic mobile application.

It is a complementary application we are providing to the CRM community. You can learn more about it at:

QuickPic works with CRM Online 2015 or 2016. It connects directly to your CRM system and no solution needs to be imported to CRM to use. Since it is a free application there license keys necessary.

QuickPic is an example of a task based application that with a focused function, it minimizes the taps and steps necessary to perform the actions.

With the mobile application which is currently available for iOS, you can upload and view images for Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, and Cases. We also include the CRM Selfie feature which allows the CRM user to take their own Selfie and update their User record entity image. Note that due to some nuances in the CRM security model, you will need our free CRM Selfie managed solution to allow your users to use this feature.

What happens if you want it to do more? No problem we would welcome the opportunity to create a custom version for your organization.

CRM QuickPic Mobile App


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