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CRM Record – What’s My GUID? – One Click Access

From time to time it is necessary to get the GUID of a record to use it as reference in another application. At our firm, clients that use our Web2CRM Advanced Internet Lead Capture solution use the record GUID to pass that value as a Hidden Static Value of a field with the form submission. Web2CRM then uses that value in the lookup to associate the form submission with the parent record that owns that GUID. For example the form submission needs to create a new Lead inquiry and then associate the Lead record with the Marketing Campaign entity record. You would need to know the 32 digit GUID value for the Campaign record to pass it as the hidden value lookup.

Prior to CRM 2011 the easiest way to find the GUID was to open the record in IE and then hit the F11 key. It would then redisplay the record with the full url at the top of the form.

The other way would be to look it up in SQL. But we are trying to do this the easy way so we won’t go there.  🙂

But with CRM 2011 you are able to do it even easier. You can either open up the record or select it in the grid view and then click on the Copy a Link button in the Collaborate section of the Toolbar. Then copy and paste it into Notepad.

From there you need to grab the 32 digit GUID – ignore the Hex %7B which is the { and the %7d which is the }

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