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CRM Server Installing and Configuring – CRM Field Guide Chapter 2

It is week #2 and this week I am reviewing the second of the 25 chapters in The CRM Field Guide – How to CRM Like an MVP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

How difficult will it be to install CRM 2011 in your environment and what does the setup process look like? Chapter 2 will answer that question for you.

There is a review of the hardware requirements with an insightful tip on not skimping on the SQL RAM.







So is this the only resource for installation guidance? Nope. You can go out to Technet to read the whole process and all the details online – 

Which you should do prior to doing the actual implementation. But who has time for that now?

You will use Chapter 2 at least twice – once when you read through it and scan through the step by step installation screen shots and the second time will be as a reference guide when you actually do the installation.

One tip that I read that I mapped back to a recent installation we did was that the account being used for installing CRM needs full rights to the Organizational Unit where CRM will be creating five active directory groups. We have run into more than one installation where the role that we were provided to do the installation doesn’t have those rights. Since reading this chapter during the pre-publication review process our firm has added this requirement to the user account specifications we provide to our clients.

Here is an example of one of the helpful step by step tips you will see as you walk through the installation process in Chapter 2.


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