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CRM to SharePoint Integration Stops

Right in the middle of the work day a client’s integration between Dynamics 365 CRM 2015 onpremises and their SharePoint 2010 onpremises stopped working. When they went to the Documents Grid view they would just see the loading screen spining. If they waited a really long time, an error would finally popup

The URL may not have been mapped in the SharePoint Server. Ask your system administrator to check Configure alternate mappings settings in SharePoint Central Administration.

SharePoint User Code Service Error
SharePoint User Code Service Error

The solution was to re-start the User Code Service on the SharePoint Server. However, before we did this step, the night before this was done:

  1. Restart all SharePoint Services – still broken
  2. Reboot SharePoint Server – still broken

It was still not working

But in the morning when we went in to restart the User Code Service everything started working.

So the moral of the story is that reboot doesn’t always doesn’t solve all ills. And that while restarting the service was a key, it appears that there was something hung up that also required a server restart to allow the restart of the service to work correctly.

A big thanks to my fellow MVP friend Joel Lindstrom for the tip. Gotta luv being part of this great community.

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