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CRM UX Design Guide – It is for Non-Programmers Also

Non-programmers –  think there is no reason for you to download and install the CRM SDK on your computer? Guess Again!

The SDK includes an extensive Style Guide folder with Content Screen shots, all the images that are used in CRM and the css style files that are used in CRM on the web and on the phone.

For example there are 54 png files in the C:\CRM2011_SDK\sdk\resources\images\sfa folder. Many more are in other folder paths.

(click on image to enlarge)

These are great resources for Business Analysts, trainers, product managers at ISVs and other people that need to include visual examples of the CRM system in any work they are doing – customer facing or not.

“The Design Guide even includes the UX principles used to define the user interface and the visual style for CRM across the web, outlook and mobile platforms. Here is what I pulled out of the document:

Welcome to the User Interface Design Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.    This guide has been designed to provide a high quality baseline for the user   interface, and define the visual style for CRM across the web, outlook, and mobile platforms.”

The CRM UX Principles are:

  • Put People First
  • Content before chrome
  • Delight through everyday experiences
  • Build for people on the go
  • Give before we get
  • Forgiving and protective
  • Performance matters
  • Pride in craftmanship
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