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Customer Voice – Send Reminder Email

This is a new feature that will be rolling out in the near future. Currently, it is in preview while the user interface gets reworked. But in the end the functionality will be the same, enabling a survey project owner to send reminders on demand or schedule them.

Step1: To get to the send reminder feature, select the survey, then click on the Send button. It is visible if and only if you have already sent out the survey. You can’t send reminders for a survey that hasn’t been sent out. Duh! Then click on the + symbol or the Send a reminder button (note this will look different/better in the future)

Customer Voice Send a Reminder

Step 2 – Select either Send now or Schedule for later

Customer Voice Reminder Template

For both the Send now and Schedule for later it will be necessary to set the parameters. The first parameter will be to include only those survey recipients that have had the survey for X number of days and not responded. The second parameter is to include only those that have been sent the survey during a certain time period. This is one of the parts of the UI that will change. Changes coming will make it easier to figure which survey ‘sends’ to include in the reminder.

Note: for a scheduled reminder you will also need to set the date when the reminder is sent out.

Customer Voice Schedule a Reminder

Step 3 – Click on Next and you will be presented with the Email template

From here you can either select an existing template or create a new one for immediate use.

Customer Voice Reminder Template

Step 4 – Click on Send and the window will close and it will be sent out to all the survey recipients that meet the filter criteria.

Step 5 – Refresh the page and you will be able to see a history and look at any upcoming scheduled reminders.

Customer Voice Reminder History

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    1. Hi Thanks for asking about timing.

      It was expected that it would be out by the end of the January. Based on feedback they received during the preview process they are re-working the user interface for selecting which surveys and timeframes for selecting reminders. So it could be delayed.

      When available it will be pushed out during the weekend updates.


  1. Have I understood this correctly. One year after the planned release the basic function to send reminders is still not in place and there is no roadmap for when it will be released?? Or is there an alternative way that I don’t know of? please advice!

  2. I’m unable to see this feature still, can you confirm if its still delayed and if so if a date has been published for when it might be available?

    1. Ashley,

      This feature like a lot of others that were in the works have either been canceled, postponed, or of unknown status. They aren’t in the current roadmap and it is unclear of when or if they will get in.

      Very frustrating.

  3. Hi Jerry,
    Great tutorial!
    I might sound like a parrot, but this feature is still not out. Do we have any updates on the issue?

    1. Henrik,

      This feature like many other preview features have not been released or have been withdrawn. The product team has been spending their energies making the product more reliable this past year. No one knows when this feature will become available.

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