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Customer Voice – Tenant to Tenant Transfer

We are inching closer to be able to create Customer Voice Surveys/Projects in one tenant and transfer them to another tenant in a supported and efficient Application Lifecycle Management process.

The Customer Voice Product Team lead by Welly Lee has recently released the Export a Project function. It is kind of in preview mode and kind of in slow release. So it will becoming to your tenant within the next 30 days, if not sooner and it might be there already.

Before proceeding any further, here is a quick way to check if it is available in your Customer Voice interface. If you click on the 3 ellipses and you see Export, then you have this capability.

Customer Voice Export Project

The process is really very straightforward and in one click you can prepare the Project to be imported into any other tenant.

There are some key items to note:

  • The export you do is a static process. It creates a link to a package of the Project and Survey parameters at the moment in time. So it doesn’t matter if you update the Project in the source tenant later on, the link will not pick up those changes.
  • If  you do update the Project and create a second export link and then import it into the tenant where you previously imported it the first time, it will not update the earlier import it will create a new project.
  • There is nothing ‘exported’ to your local machine. Everything lives in Azure and you can’t get to the contents of the package. It’s all magic. 🙂

When you export the project the following components will be included in the export:

  • Project
    • Name
    • Satisfaction Metrics
  • Survey
    • Title
    • Description
    • Name
    • Questions and their corresponding answer options
    • Survey customizations
    • Survey distribution settings
    • Email templates and their corresponding languages

Note: Any Power Automate Flows you created for distribution of the survey(s) will need to be transferred by using the export/import process from the Flow user interface separately.

This is the process in a few easy steps:

  • Sign into Dynamics 365 Customer Voice in the ‘source’ tenant.
  • On the All Projects tab, click on the ellipsis symbol for the Project you want to export. (see image above)
  • Click on Export
  • A link to your exported project will appear in a pop-up dialog window, select Copy.Customer Voice Link to exported project
  • Now paste that link into an email and send it to the designated recipient.
  • That person just needs to either click on the link and then authenticate to Customer Voice
    if they are already logged into Customer Voice in the new tenant then just paste the link into the tab where they are logged in.
  • The Project will be imported and created in the target tenant in a matter of moments.
  • It will be associated with the default Dataverse (was Common Data Service) environment.
  • It can then be copied to another environment from the ellipse function.

Customer Voice Copy Project to another Environment

You are done and ready to go now!

Happy customer surveying!




This Post Has 11 Comments
  1. hello. export is not available on any of my customer voice projects. is there a setting for that or if none, are there other ways to import/export the projects especially the reports?

  2. Hi,

    Has a release date been announced for the project Export functionality ?


  3. This was indeed a great feature which help us in many customer projects. But the feature has sadly been closed completely – even creating a MS support ticket (#2202150050001029) and after heavy discussions with the Customer Voice team, we could not convince MS to activate it during a tenant to tenant Dataverse/D365 migration. So we had to manually recreate all surveys and had intensive work adapting the new surveys and fields to the underlying Flows for our survey processes. Hope we get back the feature (and also soon will get file upload to CV).

  4. Today is 07.10. and I still do not see the export possibility. How and when to proceed.
    We are currently facing a tenant move and do not know how to safely transfer all data 1:1.

    I would appreciate some positive feedback in the short term.


    1. Nicole

      This feature like many other preview features have not been released or have been withdrawn. The product team has been spending their energies making the product more reliable this past year. No one knows when this feature will become available.

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