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Decisions Fall 2011 Online Conference and Trade Show

Whether you are new or old to the Dynamics CRM world there is an event coming up that will be of interest on December 8, 2011, it is the  Decisions Fall 2011 Virtual Conference.

There are three good reasons for attending:

  1. It is free
  2. You can participate from your desk
  3. A slew of informative CRM presentations are scheduled.

Okay, time for the disclaimer – I am one of the presenters at the event.

I am involved with two of the thirteen sessions:

  • Dynamics CRM MVP Roundtable: Exploring Dynamics CRM 2011 – A panel of CRM 5 CRM MVPs will have an ‘open –mike’ session where you can fire away with your questions.
  • Optimizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting – This session will provide you with a checklist that will give you the tools you need to align the reports you create in CRM with your audience. You will walk away (figuratively speaking) with a checklist that you can use when one of your CRM users requests a report.  When you use this checklist, you will hit the target on the first try. There will be a question and period after the presentation.

There is also an excellent opportunity to view ISV solutions and visit a variety of Microsoft CRM solution providers.

See Ya on December 8th.

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