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Dynamics 365 Online Updates – Be in the Know

As part of a semi-regular schedule of updates behind the scenes to your Dynamics 365 online instance, release notes are available under a new documentation program.

The Dynamics 365 Online Release Notes with links to the KB articles are available online on the Microsoft Support website.

An example of a recent release for Service Update 3 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.0.2 is as follows:

Service Update 3 resolves the following issues:

  • Case origin code is not available when using Advanced Find and cannot be added
  • jQuery events don’t work when ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx is imported as part of a script tag in an HTML web resource
  • Tiles pinned to different pages open on the page that was last saved
  • Subgrid column headers do not align with data
  • The help link does not work intermittently on CRM Online
  • Editing the Product or Quote subgrid produces a script error: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘data’ of undefined”
  • Tracked contacts in the Outlook MailApp create contacts in Dynamics even if required fields are missing
  • Hiding a tab (unchecking “Visible by Default”) will not hide the first tab
  • Scroll function for posts will not scroll to show all posts after 3-4 posts
  • Grid records do not refresh when the view selector is changed
  • Column headers and data become misaligned when there are enough columns to require horizontal scrolling
  • Deleted forms within an account cause an error when trying to open any account
  • View results shown on a chart column bar do not match with the count shown on the chart because they are not considering the “First Day of Week” setting in Dynamics 365
  • In the Dynamics 365 for Outlook App, “Look for Records” shows all entities present within the organization rather than only the entities provided in the App for Outlook
  • Updating a field description as “Recommended to prefix the number with “+<Country Code>” and Phone Number” causes incorrect form rendering
  • Deactivated mailboxes send outgoing mail
  • Changing a value in an editable grid field in Internet Explorer 11 and pressing enter does not save the value
  • Workflows in a waiting state intermittently display an “Unhandled Exception” error
  • Business Process Flows disappear when MoveNext is set to 2nd stage
  • Forms close without saving when a user clicks “Save and Close” with a form set to validate data before saving
  • Selecting “From” within an email does not open the record and instead matches the address to an existing contact
  • Installing Federation Services overwrites changes to out of box roles
  • The “Date Fulfilled” autofill uses the current date as the default when using the “Fulfill Order” function even when another date is specified
  •  Users are getting a “Query Builder Error” when trying to set the Contact value on the Case form
  • When the user presses “Esc” key in a field with the “Currency” type, the system adds “,00”. (V9.0)
  • After upgrading from 8.2 to 9.0, long field descriptions will get cut off when hovering over the field to view the ToolTip
  • JavaScript error is shown when navigating to Outlook dialogs directly
  • The Workflow uninstaller deletes roles for all workflow types instead of just Business Process Flows
  • Popped out forms will not close via the “X” in the upper right
  • When updating a Web Resource, users do not see the updated Web Resource on the form immediately
  • The Quick Create form displays redundant empty lines if there are a just a few fields on the form
  • An error is displayed when a security role has no Read privilege on
  • A “Timeline Unexpected” error occurs intermittently when opening case records
  • Anonymous users cannot access web forms that contain an entity id in the URL

FYI, use this tool to get notified of changes to your org version –

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