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Dynamics 365 vs Common Data Service Triggers and Actions

Why did I use a Common Data Service Connector in the Flow I created to update Child records from a modified Account Record?

The answer is pretty simple – Common Data Service Triggers and Actions are a lot more powerful than the Dynamics 365 Connectors.

And per my MVP friend David Yack and I paraphrase ” Why didn’t you do this Flow with CDS?”

For Example. In the trigger event for the above referenced Flow, when you use the CDS trigger you are able to set the  Scope and Attribute Filter. Now you can specify, whose records it looks at and which fields to filter on. Features we have in the traditional workflow engine.

Common Data Service Trigger

In the Dynamics 365 Trigger there are no advanced options so you can’t control the scope or the attributes

Dynamics 365 Trigger

The only reason today (November 2018) you would not use the CDS trigger is when you are in an Environment and need to reference another Environment in your Tenant.  You can see other Enviroments (Orgs) from the drop down in the Dynamics 365 trigger but not in the CDS trigger. This is will be changing in the future I am told.

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