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Dynamics CRM 2011 R9 – Social Analytics on hyper-drive

The R8 (CRM 2011 R8 Release Preview Guide) release  this Spring will bring enhanced social functionality to the initial feature set introduced in November 2011. However, it appears what Microsoft might have in store for the Fall 2012 R9 release will take the Social functionality of the CRM system up by several orders of magnitude.

Microsoft’s “Project Vancouver” which is a SQL Azure Labs test project could be the foundation of the Fall release.

What is Project Vancouver all about? Here is  snipit from the site:

Our goal is to enable businesses to build connections and communities among customers, influencers, and their employees; to support customer needs for high value information guided by peers and experts/influencers; to engage in conversations and respond to buzz around hot topics; and to make the voice of community actionable across the product lifecycle.

Here is what the Project Vancouver data screen looks like. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this inside of CRM and linked to records, enhanced by workflow and user personalized? I can’t wait for Summer to be over and for November to come around!

Click on image to get full screen view.


Source: What’s on tap for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM ‘R9’ update later this year

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