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Dynamics CRM Resource Center – Direct Links to What You Need to Know

The CRM 2011 Resource Center should be your portal to information, insight and help for anything for CRM.  Just go to Settings, Resource Center and it will take you directly to the highlights page.

The Resource Center is evolving into a portal from which you can get to the vast wealth of information about CRM. Recently I was there on another mission but noticed that there are new features and direct links to pages that I would normally have to find via Bing. In the RC they are already book marked for you.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Make a product suggestion – this link takes you directly to the Microsoft Connect site. You can formally suggest improvements to the Dynamics CRM Team. These suggestions are reviewed by a team member and then they will update the suggestion with the status of the review. You can also vote on suggestions made by your peers.
  • Send Feedback about this site – This launches an email to the documentation team who will receive your feedback which will be linked to the page that it was sent from – in this case the highlights page. You will receive an automated response from the Manager of the team acknowledging your feedback.

What’s New in this Release?

 Helpful Tips

  • FAQ from other customersfrequently asked questions about Dynamics CRM that other customers like you might ask that are new to the product – for example: what is a support incident?, how to use the core record types, and customizing the system to work the way your business works.
  • Known Issues – a link to the current iteration of the CRM 2011 Readme file available online.

Installation Considerations

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Guide – this will take you to the Microsoft TechNet site where you can review the Planning, Installing and Operating and Maintenance Guides online.
  • Get Downloads – stop searching for CRM downloads – this link takes you directly to the Microsoft Download Center already pre-filtered for the CRM resources.


  • Ask the Community – search for CRM community forum for questions posted and perhaps already answered for the issue solution you are currently working to solve.
  • Most Recent CRM Forum Postings – a constantly updating thread of recent postings.
 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center
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