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Dynamics CRM Team Members are Real People just like you and me!

Today, I experienced another example of why our business is 100% committed to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I discovered a bug while working on a CRM project Saturday Morning. I used the feedback feature in the Help system to report it to the CRM Team and first thing Monday morning a REAL PERSON from the CRM Team responded with the course of action.


How did I report this issue? At the bottom of every Help Screen there is a Did you find the information that you need? section. Just click on No and then fill in the feedback and click Send Feedback. An email will open up on your computer and then just click send.



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  1. It’s great to know those feedback boxes are sent to an inbox that is actively monitored. I wish the same was true in PartnerSource/CustomerSource.

    I recently discovered that the Knowledge Base search on the site is broken, which effectively means there’s no way to browse the KB content. On hte search page they have the text: “If content appears to be incorrect, a link is broken, or if you have questions regarding finding an article, please contact the following team: Microsoft Dynamics Knowledge Base Team .” Unfortunately that particular email address is no longer in use and the feedback bounces right back without any further instructions.

    A couple of weeks later I saw a post on the Dynamics CRM Team blog titled “The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Swiss Army Knife”, which presented the various support resources available online. Since the Knowledge Base was listed as one of the services, I left a common regarding it, asking about if they were aware of the KB’s issues and if the functionality would be restored in the near future. It’s been a couple of weeks now and my comment has not been published on the blog. Quite frankly I’m not surprised, since also on previous occasions comments that referenced a problem with MS’s product or service have been censored.

    I’m sure there are lots of dedicated people working on the Dynamics CRM Team at Microsoft, who want to hear from the community and respond to its needs. Unfortunately sometimes the experience of trying to give feedback is less than rewarding.

    1. While there isn’t any excuse for it not working, it seems that all the support KB articles are equally available on the Internet via the search engines. It almost seems like the KB article process inside of Partner and Customer Source is a dated benefit that no longer applies in today’s search engine world?

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