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Dynamics CRM R8 Preview – Biggest Update Ever!

Really, really BIG News about Dynamics CRM

Today – February 6, 2012 Microsoft is releasing preview guidance regarding the Q2 2012 Service Update

In this blog I have higlighted and summarized the 6 major categories. You can read more details at the official release site:
Today’s preview announcement is for R8. The tentative schedule is for it to release sometime this Spring. It is going to be HUGE! Looking ahead to the Fall there will be R9. Not much has been disclosed about it yet. But you can see on the time chart that Social will be the focus along with Next Gen Productivity. I wonder what that means?


Not only are there mobile options from various third party providers, get a real CRM mobile client from Microsoft itself. Mobile Express no more as the only solution from Microsoft. Of course it isn’t free but for those that need it the cost is easy to justify.

Browser Flexibility

To quote Red Fox from Sanford & Son – This is the Big One. Running IE as the browser will no longer be the non-negotiable requirement. Run CRM in the browser of your choice and the device of your choice.


Activity Feeds just got introduced in the November 2011 R7 release and they are going to get more functionality and features.

Industry Templates

Looks like more vertical market sample solutions from the MS team (Dynamics Labs) to demonstrate how CRM can be applied to any industry. These pre-built solutions can be used to jump start your implementation.

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server RCO is available and ready. Looks like CRM Online will be using it come this Spring. Along withe new BI solutions for SharePoint to integrate into CRM.


They are going to keep your data even safer at Microsoft CRM Online and meet some of the most important and widely required agency, organization and rule certifications requirements will be met.


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  1. Never forget that that any CRM sulhod be a dynamic record. If the data is not updated on a regular basis, the information contained in the record becomes less valuable. A solid CRM is not just a contact list .it’s a living, breathing entity that requires constant attention.

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