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Flow isn’t always Citizen Developer Friendly

Flow is a great tool for Citizen Developers. However, sometimes we need to move slightly over the Geek Line and get a piece of information to make a Flow work that isn’t 100% in our Citizen Developer comfort zone.

Recently a fellow MVP – Joel Lindstrom – was trying to create a Flow that needed a condition test for the Owner of the record in Dynamics 365. The question was – Can I just insert the User’s name or do I have to get their GUID?

I created a simple Flow to test and prove it out that putting the user’s name – Jerry Weinstock, wouldn’t work. When I first used the Friendly Name in the Condition Check, it failed. So I created a Flow that would send me the GUID for the Jerry Weinstock User record and then I updated the Flow to use the GUID in the Condition.

Here is the final Flow that tests if the Account record Owner is Jerry or actually his GUID ffc1eb2c-ef68-47e0-8fe6-c77cc871abf9

Microsoft Flow needs GUIDS

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