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Flows and Dataverse Columns – A one way dependency

The question recently came up (Thanks Steve Mordue) as to whether when a column in a table is deleted from a solution, if it was referenced in a Flow, will a dependency warning pop up?

Let’s take a look at the test I ran.

1. Added a column to the Account table in my solution.

Flow Field column

2. I then created a flow inside of my solution (also tested with a flow outside the solution, same results)

Power Automate Flow test

3. I then put the following in the Update a row action card:

Dynamic Content in a Flow

4. I added an Account row to the environment and the flow fired as expected and ran successfully.

5. I then went back to, located the column and checked for dependencies – none found.

Power Automate Flow Column Dependency Check

6. I then deleted the flow field column. And added a new Account row to test the flow once more. When I went to the flow UI this is what I saw.

Power Automate Flow Dependency Failure

7. If you open up the flow in the edit mode, you will then see this warning. You will not be able to save the flow without fixing the issue. This is the only direction the dependency check works – from flow to Dataverse!

Flow Checker missing field

So what’s the answer – I don’t know that you can do anything to prevent this issue from occurring — when some good Samaritan admin cleans up ‘unused’ columns in the environment. It will be here until this gap between classic workflows and Power Automate Flows is closed.

Is it a gap – you bet, here is what you see when you try to delete the column when it used in a classic workflow.

Classic Workflow Dependency Check

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