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Forms Pro in the Unified Interface

Yesterday was one of those exasperating days we all have trying to make something work that just doesn’t want to work the way you need it. I was putting together my presentation for my Multi-channel customer survey with Forms Pro session at Microsoft Ignite 2019. I couldn’t get the entities to display on the classic web UI site map. The managed solution had them locked down and non-checkable (that’s my word). The check-boxes in the section Areas that display this entity were all grayed out.

After banging my head against the wall, complaining to the Microsoft Product Manager who owns this product, the light bulb went on.

I wonder what I can do with the new Model-driven app tool to create a ‘site map’ that works with the new Unified Interface Client.

I asked our developer to spin up a quick test, 15 minutes later — Total success!!!!!!

Forms Pro Unified Interface Client


Here is what it looks like in the App Designer

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