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Henny Penny the Sky is Falling Down and Pending Email Warnings

We all know the story of Henny Penny (or Chicken Little) about the chicken who keeps shouting the “The sky is falling!”

Sometimes as CRM Administrators we get the same type of warning or some of our users report it but we ignore it, not believing and/or hoping it will go away on its own.

The message looks something like the following. As a CRM Admin you should modify a view to allow you to see all pending emails and so that you can then figure out how to resolve them. If you have a CRM Administrator’s Dashboard than include this view in one of the cells. Usually stuck pending emails are because of one of the following faults:

  • Email router is down
  • Sender is set to send via Outlook and they haven’t launched Outlook in a while
  • The user’s Outlook CRM integration is down
  • The senders User account is disabled
  • The send as priv isn’t allowed
  • One or more of the recipients doesn’t have an email address
Pending Email Warning
Pending Email Warning
To setup a view as the CRM Administrator, use the My Pending Email view and then just remove the Owner = Current User filter. Save as Pending Emails
Pending Emails View
Pending Emails View
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