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Internet Lead Capture Foreign Language Support

If you need to have forms on your website that are in your local language and submit directly to the CRM system then you will find our Web2CRM – Advanced Internet Lead Capture just the solution.

One of our client’s Peoples Trust Company needed to implement a French language version of their Webform for their banking website. They already had an English version of the form but required a localized version for their French language site. When a visitor completes and then submits the form a corresponding record is created immediately in their CRM 2011 system. Once in their system it could be assigned to the appropriate team member via manual or automated methods using workflow.

Our Web2CRM solution makes it easy for users to utilize the designer to modify the display names and other parameters of the form to customize the way it appears to the site visitor. We also provided to Peoples Trust our validator code file so they could customize the form messages so the pop-ups were also in French.

The end result is the form as follows.

If you want to give the Web2CRM application a try, free 7 day full function trials can  be started here: One really nice part about our approach is that you do not need to make any modifications to your CRM system to get started. There is no code, customizations or solution file imports to make on your CRM server. You can read more about it on our website.

Peoples Trust Web2CRM Form

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