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Internet Lead Capture Free Email Account and Competitor Blocker

Tired of getting web form submissions without the email credentials you need to have good data in your CRM system?

  1. Do you only want to receive web form submissions from visitors that provide a corporate email address?
  2. Do you want to keep competitors from signing up for your newsletters or requesting trials of your software?
  3. Do you want to keep visitors from requesting information and access to white papers using ‘free’ email accounts like gmail, hotmail, and from cable companies?

Then you need – Web2CRM Email Blacklist – a new feature we have added to our Web2CRM advanced Internet Lead Capture solution for Dynamics CRM 2011 Online and Onpremise.


The user attempts to submit a form using a domain email address you have blacklisted (in this case


They will get this warning!


Email Blacklist is a new and free feature to our much loved Web2CRM Internet Lead Capture solution.

A special note to users of CRM Online outside of the USA using the CRM4 and CRM5 data centers – this solutions works for you!

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