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Internet Lead Capture Service Canceled – Web2CRM to the Rescue!

Internet Lead Capture service for CRM Online in the Americas was officially canceled today effective on February 15, 2013. Note: it was never made available for the overseas marketplaces.

It has been long anticipated but this is the official notification that the free service included with CRM Online is being discontinued – see email below.

But don’t worry, CRM Innovation has had a solution in the market place for 3+ years that provides this same functionality and a lot more.

Learn more about the Web2CRM service by watching this video. Watch you how you can create a form for your website in less than 10 minutes. Marketing skill set friendly – no coding required.

You can start your free, full function 7 day trial at

internet lead capture canceled

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  1. Hi! Do I have to migrate from Internet Lead Capture to Web2CRM? What are my alternatives? Please Help ASAP!!!

    1. Angel,

      You probably have several options:

      1. Write custom code to submit the form data directly to you CRM system.
      2. Revert back to Web 1.0 where the form data is sent in an email to a person that then copies and pastes the data into a CRM form.
      3. Go with Web2CRM.


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