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CRM 2011 Online Internet Lead Capture to Web2CRM Form Conversion Promotion

Are you frustrated with figuring how how to convert the Lead forms you set up with the CRM Online Internet Lead Capture to a new system?

When you sign up for a Web2CRM Annual Subscription we will make our form designer process even easier. Even though it only takes 10 minutes to use the Web2CRM visual designer to create a new form, we will do it for you.

That’s right, between now and February 15, 2013 when Internet Lead Capture is discontinued by Microsoft we will convert your current Lead Capture form to a Web2CRM form. We will then provide you with the form HTML to use to replace your current code with the new code.

Just send us the HTML Lead Form Code that you are using today and we will convert it free of charge for you to get you quickly moved from ILC to Web2CRM.

How do you get started?

1. Signup for a Web2CRM account.

2. Send us your code via our Contact Us Form (btw, we use Web2CRM with the File Upload option for this).

3. We will get your code converted and then send it back to you for placement on your web page.

4. Anytime during the next 7 days of the trial, we can convert your account to a paid subscription.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Internet Lead Capture
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Internet Lead Capture
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