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ISNTBP – CRMUG: It Sucks Not To Be Premium

The CRMUG is the largest organization and resource for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users in the world. If you aren’t a premium member of the organization it sucks!The CRMUG is conducting and providing over 500 unique learning sessions and other peer to peer engagement opportunities each year.What is the CRMUG all about and why should you join? True you can join for free as an individual member but ISNTBP – It Sucks Not to Be a Premium member.Here is why you should be a premium member.

The goal of the CRMUG is to help fellow CRM users gain more from your Dynamics CRM investment. CRMUG offers many opportunities in education and networking.

Below are just a few:


Need to convince the boss to write that check for you for membership? They will help you build your case. Here are six great reasons why Microsoft Dynamics CRMUG Premium Membership will make your boss look like a superhero, too:

  1. Spend a little, get a LOT more. A single CRMUG Premium Membership provides everyone in the organization unlimited answers and support from expert users all year – for less than a typical consultant’s fees for one day! You’ll also enjoy substantial discounts on conferences and academy training, plus access to 70% more webinars than you receive with basic membership. On average, CRMUG Premium Members gain up to two hours of productive time back in their day and get more bang for their consulting investment bucks. Writing this check is a no brainer!
  2. Drive strategic business growth instead of managing consultants and training costs. Make your CEO and CFO happy by allocating more budget for innovation and less for IT staff training. CRMUG Premium gives you access to experts and content that helps your team get up to speed quickly, master the software with confidence, and be more productive. Spend your consulting dollars more effectively, gain more time for new product development, and boost your competitive advantage.
  3. Make smarter decisions about add-on spending. Gain access to expert users and industry peers who can advise you about which add-ons make sense for your company’s needs, and which ones don’t. With CRMUG Premium Membership, you’ll get the guidance you need to avoid spending a bunch of money on stuff you don’t need.
  4. Get more engaged. Special Interest Group (SIG) participation is one of the most prized CRMUG Premium member benefits. Develop valuable relationships, learn from subject matter experts in your industry, share your expertise, and exchange critical knowledge with your peers.
  5. Enjoy greater influence and a voice with Microsoft. Influence Microsoft and shape the future of their products and services. CRMUG Premium Members are leaders who represent the interests, opinions, needs and concerns of the general user community to Microsoft.
  6. Additionally Summit and Academy Discounts: CRMUG membership will typically pay for itself the minute you send a couple of people to either CRMUG Summit or CRMUG Academy where Premium members receive a per person discount of $200 for Summit Registration and $100 discount for Academy Registration fees.
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