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Jamming on Yammer & Dynamics CRM

Yammer is going to really help Microsoft Dynamics move ahead in the social CRM space. I personally like this acquisition for all the same reasons Steve Ballmer made in the WPC keynote.

  1. Its an acquisition – reduces the time to market.
  2. Learning curve – the CRM team doesn’t have to spend time building more social media skills, they just need to practice good meeting management with their new fellow team members from Yammer. Plus now there is a product that can be used across all of the MS applications and not just one unique to CRM.
  3. Built-in prospect base – every firm that uses Yammer today regardless of their status with another brand of CRM is now a viable Dynamics CRM prospect.
  4. Its only money! – Microsoft will make more of it when Office 15 is released.

Take a look at what David Pennington, Director of Product Marketing for Micrsoft Dynamics CRM has to say about the Social Media Roadmap for Dynamics CRM video.


PS Microsoft we have really fun stuff you can buy at CRM Innovation (or just acquire the whole company) and we would cost a lost less than $1.2 Billion, just give me a call, our phone lines are open, operators are standing by. 🙂



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