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KC CRMUG – CRM Tip of the Quarter

For this quarter’s CRMUG meeting’s user Tip or Trick, Summer Anderson presented 2 tips on how her company, Children’s Hospital Association is using KingswaySoft to help them manage file uploads and a second tip on Form Load Performance measurement.

Summer Anderson – CRMUG Quarterly Tip Winner
Summer Anderson – CRMUG Quarterly Tip Winner

Tip #1 Self Service Portal for Users using KingwaySoft SSIS jobs

Several self-service tools for CRM users in various departments: bulk file upload mechanisms with necessary validation and error reporting that identifies data mapping points that are discretionary for users to self-resolve.

One User story: Hey Summer, a new Hospital joined – we have an excel file of Contacts and their various functional roles we need imported into CRM!

Resolution: the self-service portal allows users to attach their own files they need mapped or audited in CRM and processes the data every 2 hours: sending the notifications and any errors to the users to correct.

An example of an error notification sent to a user: There is already an active Contact in CRM with that first and last name at that Organization, but the email address and job title differ. Does the contact in CRM need to be updated or do you need to create a new unique Contact? This is a decision highlighted for the business to make, not IT and the errors can also be resolved in a self-service mechanism.

Self Service File Upload Portal

Tip #2 CRM Performance Center – Just hit Ctrl + Shift + Q in Internet Explorer

Using the tool to log improved form load times for record

Example: Consolidated 8 variations of an Account down to 1 with use of field level security and turned legacy form rendering off has improved the form load time of an Account by 5 seconds till an ‘edit-ready load.’

Resolution: Account forms are now loading 5 seconds faster and we can prove this by using the CRM Performance Center that logs all the events that occur when a form is loaded.

Dynamics 365 Form Load Performance

At each quarterly meeting, our company, CRM Innovation sponsors the User presented tip or trick and awards the presenter with a $50 gift card. At the last quarterly meeting the presentation was on  Folder Tracking of Emails and Appointments.

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