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Microsoft Convergence 2012 Booth Demo

Hi, this year I volunteered to support the Microsoft CRM Booth at Convergence. It is one of my responsibilities as a CRM MVP to give back and I am looking forward to contributing to the community in this manner for the first time.

This year the demo focus is on Navigational Business Intelligence – drilling down from the Charts into the records and then back up in the other direction from a really nifty Excel spreadsheet embedded in SharePoint back to the CRM records. Social of course is a big question that comes up and there is a lot to talk about there along with the new Mobile experience.

You can also see a demo of the free CRM Portal, Sharepoint integration and of course all the other wonderful features of CRM 2011.

Today (Sunday) I did 2.5 hours in the booth and tomorrow (Monday) I will be there from 12-3 and then again from 6-9. See you on the show floor.

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