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Microsoft Flow and Deleted Records

Once of the cool triggers that Flow has for the Common Data Service is when a record is deleted.

I thought I would give it a spin to see what it might do and could it ‘replace’ my dependence on the Audit trail in CDS.

To test it out I put together a pretty simple flow that would fire when a Contact record was deleted, grab some key field data and create a ‘new’ Contact record tagged with deleted in the first name field.

Microsoft Flow Deleted Record Trigger

Well guess what, it didn’t work as hoped. It failed in the action to get information for the deleted contact.


Microsoft Flow Get Record Details Fail

It appears that the trigger fires on the delete but can’t capture any information stored in the record except the GUID of the record that was deleted.

Microsoft Flow Retrieve Deleted Record

Oh, well looks like Flow won’t replace the audit trail function any time soon.


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