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Microsoft Flow Preview Actions

The Microsoft Flow Team will often release an improved version of an action they has already been out for a while.

One of the big pains for us in the Dynamics 365 world is that up to recently if you were putting together a Flow and needed to set or update the value of an Option set, you needed to know the numeric value behind the human-readable option. This required you to flip back over to CRM, open up customizations (if your security allowed you to do this), find the option set, open the option set, grab the value and then paste it into the Flow. Not very efficient.

Now there are improved actions out there that will allow you to just select the human-readable value and bypass the entire process described above. You get to these improved versions by selecting the version with (Preview) after the Action name. Are they safe to use? I haven’t had any issues with them. When do they come out of Preview? I don’t know, but I am going to try and find out.

So here is an example of me selecting the Preview version of the Update a Record.

Microsoft Flow Actions in Preview


And here is how sweet it looks when you can just select the option value just like you were doing it from a CRM form!

Microsoft Flow Actions Option Set

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