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Microsoft Flow Webinars – Recorded Videos

Interested in getting started with Microsoft Flow?

There are a number of very good webinars that have been sponsored by the Flow Team that are available to watch on YouTube.

Webinar (click on webinar name to launch the video) Date
Microsoft Flow Webinar: “Getting started with Microsoft Flow” by Sunay Vaishnav
October 11, 2016
Microsoft Flow best practices and examples for Business Analysts by Jon Levesque
May 2, 2017
Flows that will help you become more productive
March 7, 2017
Advanced dive on how to manipulating structured JSON (and XML) data with Flow – John Liu
March 20, 2018
Advanced | Flow With Microsoft Graph API by Ashish Trivedi
February 6, 2018
Intermediate | Pushing the button with Microsoft Flow – Daniel Laskewitz
March 1, 2018
PowerApps Custom APIs, Gateways and Data sources by Archana Nair
January 12, 2017
Using Microsoft Flow to automate a B2B approval process by Paul Schaeflein
December 7, 2017
Introducing Microsoft Flow Approvals to better enable people based automation
April 20, 2017
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow – Better Together by Jerry Weinstock
February 14, 2018

Note: Some videos are directly available on YouTube, others require a registration before you can view them.

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