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Mobile App (MoCA) Shared Views

A client of ours said that they had created a My View and then shared it with their Sales Managers. But while it was displaying as expected in the browser, the mobile app didn’t display at all in the list of views for anyone except the view creator. I kicked this around for a while, couldn’t find any similar postings online so I pinged the MVP NDA distribution group. The CRM Product Team  Program Managers are active participants on the distribution list. [One of the biggest perks of being a CRM MVP.] Nikita Polyakov who is on the list forwarded it to Heather Ruderian who promptly responded.

I will paraphrase her response into the following steps:

  1.  Create a Team from Security, Teams – an Owner Team not an Access Team.
  2. Either share the My View with a Team or assign the My View to a Team as the Owner.
  3. Of course, if you assign the My View to a Team it’s gonna need a Security Role assigned to it.
  4. Once you do the above the My View will be listed under the Personal Views List in the Mobile App (almost).
  5. Important! – Skip down to the end of this post to learn the big gotcha step that you have to do next to get #4 above to work.

Here is a view called “Justin’s Active Contacts Share” that appears in the app when I log in.

Mobile App Shared Views
Mobile App Shared Views

Justin assigned the View to a Team

Assign the View to a Team
Assign the View to a Team

Now here is the most important step. If you don’t do this step it won’t work!

The assigning or sharing user must take one of the following actions:

  1. Connect to the Mobile App atleast once since sharing or assigning, or
  2. Perform a Publish All from the Customizations

The downside of #2 is the user would need to be a System Customizer or System Admin.

All other users logging in to the app will then get prompted to download updated Metadata.

Note: all of the above has been tested with CRM 2016 8.1 Online and the Mobile App version

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