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Multiple CC Recipients in a CRM Workflow Generated Email

Very often in a Workflow we want to send an email out of CRM based on a previous step in the workflow. Often when you set it up so that it supposed to go to several people you may find out that it only gets sent to one.

The classic case is where you send it to a person, from you, and CC (carbon copy) several other individuals – either internal or external to you organization. You then discover that of the 3 people you CC in the email, only one received it. On closer inspection you see that it is the first person in the ‘slug’ list.

Let me show you what you did (see screen shot below) and what you need to do to fix it.

What you did was ADDed all three (or more than one) to the box and then you clicked on OK. This put them into the CC field with OR logic. So as soon as it found the first slug with an email address it stopped looking to send to the others.

So what it looks like in the CC box is this:

{Contact(Contact);Primary Contact(Company Name (Account));User(Owning User (User))}

What you want is this:

{Contact(Contact)}{Primary Contact(Company Name (Account))}{User(Owning User (User))}

Notice the difference in the placement of the braces and the semi-colons between the slugs?

To get that you need to Add one slug, then click OK, Then remove that slug from the Box, Add then next Slug and then click OK. This adds each slug with AND logic. Repeat as necessary

Grouping Email Slugs




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