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Organization Insights Dashboard – Metrics

We have all been seeking the answer to the question – Are users actually using the CRM system and if they are what are they doing in the system. Over the years a variety of coding solutions have surfaced to track user engagement.

Now with the CRM 2016 Spring Release we will start to see some built-in functionality to give us this insight.

If your organization has been updated to build or later or you have spun up a new 30 day trial in the last two weeks are so then you have the capability to enable the preview. Go to Settings, Administration, Systems Settings, Preview tab and then select yes for Organization Insights Preview.

What does Preview mean? It means – Microsoft doesn’t provide support it (just yet). Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Support won’t be able to help you with issues or questions. Preview features aren’t meant for production use. What the heck, we have turned them on in our production anyway.

There are six charts that come with the dashboard. They aren’t customizable and they don’t offer any drill down like ‘regular’ charts.

They do offer the capability of a 2 hour, 48 hour, or 30 day lookback. And no it doesn’t know how to skip weekends etc. The data is updated every 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day respectively.

Some of the charts have filters so that you can click on a chart element to switch the display.

Organizational Insights
Organizational Insights
Chart Description
Active Users This chart shows the adoption and usage of your CRM instance based on active users (unique users) with read, write, create, and update actions.
Most Active Users (Reads) This chart lists the top ten users who performed the most Read operations in your CRM instance.
Most Active Users (Changes) This chart lists the top ten users who performed the most change operations (creates, updates, deletes) in your CRM instance.
Active Users Performing Specific Operations
This chart shows how many unique users are performing which types of operations (create, update, deletes, reads) in your CRM instance over the specified time.
Total Operations

This chart shows how many operations (create, update, deletes, reads) have occurred in the CRM instance over the specified time.

Total Page Requests

This chart shows the number of page load requests for forms, dashboards, and reports. This is a count of requests received by the CRM server. Pages that are cached while browsing won’t be counted.

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