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Read Optimized Forms and Pending Emails

We (and me!) all have a lot to learn about the nuances of Read Optimized Forms (ROF). Today I discovered an unexpected consequence of ROF. While working to configure a client’s CRM Email Router for a new CRM 2011 implementation I discovered that in the ROF mode the warning that the email is pending will not be displayed is an unwelcome function. Until you put the form in an Edit mode the warning won’t be displayed. This of course would be an issue you will run into when checking to see if emails are leaving or have left the system while configuring the router. Or during the normal course of use, users won’t get that immediate feedback that something is amiss in their system.

This is the notification bar you would normally see if an email is pending delivery.

This is the corresponding form view when in ROF mode. No alert is displayed.

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