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Resources in Use – CRM Online

There are been some changes to the presentation and ‘rules’ related to storage space status and also allowances for custom entities and workflows and dialogs. This kind of got right past me but thanks to fellow MVPs Adam Vero and Feridun Kadir, I am all caught up. Let me share it with you also, in case you missed the original ‘memo’.
Up to a few months ago there used to be a Resources in Use display that you could get to by going to Settings, Administration, Resources in Use. It looked just like this:
Resources in Use v1
Resources in Use v1
 Now it looks like this.
Resources in Use
Resources in Use
A little empty? What happened to the Workflows and Dialogs and the Storage space visualizations? Well it appears in the case of Workflows and Dialogs the limitation has been dropped completely. It never really was being enforced anyway it appears. The suggestion now is to just use common sense. There is actually a best practices technet article.

As it pertains to Storage space, that still is being enforced. No way to get around that. But the status for where you stand for all your organizations has been moved to the O365 Portal. Login to the portal. Go to Admin, CRM, in the CRM Online Administration Center, go to Service Health. I have a snippet of what the storage report there looks like. This actually makes a little more sense as storage usage is a culmination of the storage for all your instances. The best place to see that is in your admin portal, not on a single CRM org page.

O365 CRM Online Admin Center Service Health

O365 CRM Online Admin Center Service Health – click for bigger view

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