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Sandbox Instance – Reset to 2013 or 2015

The CRM Team just knocked this one out of the park.

You can now Reset a sandbox instance to either a CRM Online 2015 Update or CRM Online Spring ’14.

Sandbox Instance Reset
Sandbox Instance Reset
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  1. I’ve long asked for something like this so good to see it finally arriving. However it also makes me wonder about some of the details – I wonder if you’ve noticed yet:

    1) Do you get this in a new tenant with a sandbox org (i.e. one where the production instance is at 2015 and always has been) or does this only apply to tenants where the production org has yet to be upgraded

    2) Does selecting CRM Online Spring ’14 also “enable” the new features in that update in the sandbox instance (especially relevant if you have not enabled them in your production organisation yet).

  2. This is a handy feature. What I am trying to figure out is how to both copy my production instance (minimal copy) to the sandbox AND upgrade to 2015. Doing either one of these gets rid of any customizations that are in place.

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