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Save Lives – Be a Community Forum Participant

If you aren’t a participant in the Dynamics CRM Forums then you are missing out on some great opportunities to help your peers. For the last 4 years I have had a second computer sitting on my desk that has the 4 support forums for CRM open in browser tabs. As the days goes on when I have a chance I flip over to that machine from my primary notebook (I use Mouse without Borders or Synergy) using a software keyboard/mouse sharing application. I scan the forums for posts that haven’t been answered and when possible and confident I know the answer I submit a reply.

It is both a rewarding and challenging process. It is great when you can solve a problem in under 25 words (see below) and make someone’s day. In this case I saved a ‘life’! And it can be equally challenging as you often don’t get the full story in the first post. Seems like in a lot of cases participants reply with ‘an’ answer vs ‘thee’ answer as more information comes out in the process.

The forums are a popular place to get and give information. At the Dynamics CRM Forum Community site there are 77K+ users, 104K questions and in the past 24 hours 65 new questions were posted with 204 responses.

In addition to the Dynamics CRM Forum there are the ‘traditional’ MSDN support forums – CRM (General) , Deployment, Development.


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